" أكتب كي أبعث الحياة في الناس و في الطبيعة و في الأشياء" محمد خير الدين


What attracts women?

If you want to be irresistible for women,
If you want to make any woman fall in love with you,
Follow carefully this 25 advises. Even if you are married since 1840, you should take it by heart cause its work with the old woman or the young one:
1/Have the ability to tease, be playful and take a joke..
2/Have a social conscience and enjoy a good debate
3/Know that women are not, in fact, from Venus, and men are not from Mars
4/Make the bed in the morning and fold the laundry -- competently
5/clean a bad room after you get a shower
6/Know that a football is just a game..
7/don’t seize the remote control all the time
8/Plan an evening out from soup to nuts, from finding a movie to making the dinner reservations
9/Brush the hair out of our eyes
10/be creative , and smart.
11/Handle our emotions with grace and compassion
12/Have impassioned, informed opinions about women writers and women's issues
13/Can distinguish between being courteous and being wimpy..
14/Know how to inscribe a card with a heartfelt, personal message..
15/Demonstrate respect for our family, specially our mom, our dad, our best friends, and all the others ex; giving up a seat on the bus for a pregnant woman, etc.
16/Offer juice, soup… when we're sick
17/Show genuine.
18/Do the come-from-behind cuddle-hug, just to say hello
19/Remember insignificant details, and make use of that knowledge
20/Offer us caresses and compliments for no particular reason
21/Understand that we always like the poetry, nice/ sweet words
22/You should know the difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul…
23/Be sure that all woman hat the mean guy, and she love gifts, having a good life, but they aren’t in all a gold-digger..
24/ Know what you want, know what you want to do
25/It doesn’t matter what you look or how much money you make, you can trigger a woman’s emotions if you know how to do it.
My question now is; how can woman attracts man? Can you answer me?

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Anonymous anima a dit...

tkayssi 3lina rah l anglais 3andna 3la 9ad l7al :)

12:10 PM

Anonymous izri a dit...

OK her is the answer :

1/ Have the ability to keep silent herself, never talk
2/ Have no social conscience and never enjoy debate
3/ Know that men are from the earth
4/ Make the bed in the morning, the afternoon, the evening… and fold the laundry -- competently
5/ clean the bad room after I get a shower
6/ Know that football is more than a game.
7/ never touch the remote control when I'm with her
8/ Never plan an evening out
9/ Brush the hair out of my eyes
10/ never try to be creative , and smart, because she can't
11/ Handle my caprices with grace and compassion
12/ Know nothing about writers, women and men.
13/ Can distinguish between being a women and being a man
14/ Know that I'll never write her a card with a heartfelt, nor a personal message..
15/ Demonstrate respect for the other women I know.
16/ Offer juice, soup… whenever I want it
17/ Show that she is just women.
18/ Know that when I do the come-from-behind cuddle-hug, it's not just to say hello
19/ Forget everything about us in the past
20/ Offer me caresses for no particular reason
21/ Understand that I hate the poetry, nice/ sweet words
22/ She should know the difference between holding a hand and holding a leg
23/ Be sure that all men hate giving gifts, and that every women is a gold-digger..
24/ Know what I want, know what I want to do
25/ It doesn't matter what women you are, you can a man if you know how to do it.

:) je plaisante... y a pas de règles

12:15 PM

Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

I do not think one man can do all of this
They are not multitask species

But let me try to give some answers for your questions
1-Know what is his best food
2-Feed him all the time so that his mouth full of food instead of words
3-bring 2 TV so that he can enjoy the football game and you watch obrah without disturbance
4-Choose a flat with two bed rooms so that one will be a garbage and yours will be the heaven he dream to be in
5- Make him know that you can not survive without him but try to make sure that you can kick him out at any time
6- Do not talk about your mom or your family unless he asked and do not forget to bless his mom all the time imagining you are talking about your mom to make it easy for you

Really I have a lot to say but I guess this is ok for now

Thanks for the advices

12:34 PM

Blogger tazart a dit...

to anima;
nti akhir w7da ghadi thdr 3la tkyass..dyma mbhdlani, o ka tmsskni daba..

12:40 PM

Blogger tazart a dit...

a tota;
ربنا يسترها معهم

12:50 PM

Blogger Mourai Radouane a dit...

merci pour les conseils,je vais essayer de mettre en pratique quelques uns et on va voir ce que ça va donner

12:50 PM

Anonymous anima a dit...

Aid Moubarak said, bonne année , meilleurs voeux de santé, de réussite et de bonheur.

1:58 PM

Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

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5:01 PM

Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

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5:04 PM

Blogger أُكتب بالرصاص a dit...

happy new year ..and Eid Mubarak

will be back to find the answeres

تحياتي للمغرب واهلها


5:33 AM

Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

1st of all Eid Sa3id &happy new year... When u find a man like half of that tell him I'm ready to give him all my life :D..

About ur question?
Well it depends...

But I guess the most importent things to them is :

Leave to them the Remote control all the day.

Dont nag or complain about anything Espicially their mother's attitude and their side hobbies "video games, hanging out with frnds, caards.. etc"

Feed them well.

Or just do wat u want... and he should be attracted to u watever the way u r ;-)

7:55 PM

Anonymous steph a dit...

I follow many of council but it's not a success at the moment.
Thanks for this post.

Aïd moubarak for you and your familiy my friend.

1:45 AM

Anonymous missarchi a dit...

Aid Moubark said and best wishes :)

11:05 PM

Blogger أُكتب بالرصاص a dit...

كيف حالك يا صديقتي اللدودة

7:56 AM

Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

bonne annee

3:30 PM

Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

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11:45 PM

Anonymous slix a dit...

Pour répondre à ta question faudra attendre le film "what men want"...

Men try to attract women and women to attract men...it's better they stop trying and do something else...everything will be fine then ;)

3:19 AM

Blogger tazart a dit...

A mourai radoune :

Please if it works announce it; good lack ;)

11:37 AM

Blogger tazart a dit...

A anima:

Thank my net-friend
Good wishes for you and your…

11:37 AM

Blogger tazart a dit...

إلى: أكتب بالرصاص

لما لم تجب على الأسئلة هل تخاف أن تفلح النساء في معرفة عصبك السري، و من ثمة ينجحن في إغوائك؟؟
ادام الله صداقتنا الرصاصية، سلم على المدام و قل لها ما أصبرك

11:37 AM

Blogger tazart a dit...

A spellz:

Maybe there is no guy who has this perfect character, but let me dream..
Thank for ur advises I‘d like the last one; “just do what u want…” I’ll follow it…

11:37 AM

Blogger tazart a dit...

A steph:

Oh; thank u’are so nice.
If it doesn’t success now, just try again and again never stop until u make the best for your couple’s life; cause u only one responsible on it
Good lack.

11:38 AM

Blogger tazart a dit...

A missarchi:

Welcome miss;
Aid moubark for u too;
thank for your caring

11:38 AM

Blogger tazart a dit...

a rat:
happy new year, I’m so pleased to see you again

11:38 AM

Blogger tazart a dit...

ممكن جدا:)

11:39 AM

Blogger tazart a dit...

masta awa gigon yowin:)

11:40 AM

Blogger أُكتب بالرصاص a dit...

شجرة التين

الاعتراف بالحق فضيلة

وانا فعلا اضعف من اني اصمد
لا اريد ان اعرف

بس بأمانة
قلقت عليك .. تغيب الكبير وفي هذه الفترة بالذات

عيد كل عام وانت بخير..
والاضاحي كثيرة

5:50 AM

Blogger مذكرات امرأة مثلية a dit...

well ! well ! well !
i guess the relationship between man and woman doesn't build on rules... it's something so diffrent and special full of emotionals and feelings
but it's ok if men and women improve thier behavoir in order to adgust with each other
as for me i'll never love a man even if he brings me stars from the sky...so it possible

7:54 PM

Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

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2:30 PM


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